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iOS 13.2 ends up aggressively shutting down apps in multitasking mode

In case if you upgrade to the newly launched iOS 13.2 on your iPad or iPhone, chances are that you aren’t able to multitask. Don’t worry because it is not only you but a lot of users have reported the same issue after upgrading to iOS 13.2 released on Monday.

iOS 13.2 was attuned to offer bug fixes to one of the alluring issues reported with the previous iOS 13.1.4 and introduced us with a more reliable Siri privacy settings, Deep Fusion on iPhone 11 series and new sets of emojis, however, the grass isn’t green everywhere.

Marco Arment, Overcast developer, took to Twitter reporting the two issues that he has been facing ever since he updated to iOS 13.2 including automatically hanging background downloads that would never resume or even restart and finally, an issue that curtails iPhones and iPads capability to multitask using more than one update as the system is aggressively shutting down the backgrounded apps when you open another app to use.

Talking primarily about iOS 13.2 on iPhones, this has led to sluggish performance even on the most high-end iPhones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max although the chances of everyone facing the same issue aren’t reported yet.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the issue is that Apple isn’t handling its software updates in conjunction with its developers too well as it isn’t offering time to go through the software, detect bugs and fix it in the next update which is causing the issue as said.

For those who might have faced the same issue but couldn’t link it to the bugs in iOS 13.2 could relate to the fact that if they are watching a video on YouTube on Safari app, the moment users transcends to another app no matter for a second or for a few minutes, once the user retreats to YouTube, it will load the video from start which is enough to explain how iOS 13.2 is aggressively shutting down backgrounded apps for the matter. Let’s see when Apple recognizes this issue and offers a new update to resolve it.

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