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iOS 13 hits 50% adoption just after three weeks of launch

Apple’s latest version of iOS didn’t take long for at least half of all iOS devices to switch to iOS 13. Apple shared the data regarding devices running on iOS 13 on its website for third-party developers.

iOS 13, Apple’s latest version of its operating system, is off to a strong start with users — just like iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12. Approximately after a month out from the release of iOS 13, the company has revealed some stats showing what user adoption of the major iOS update has been like. The company reveals that 55 percent of iPhones introduced in the past four years now run the latest operating system. 38% of all devices introduced in the last four years use iOS 12 whereas, 7% of all devices introduced in the last four years use an earlier version of iOS. The stats also revealed that 50% of all iPhones are on iOS 13 and of the remaining devices, 9 percent are running an older version of iOS and 41 percent are running iOS 12.

Coming to the iPad OS, it is too doing pretty well with 33 percent of all iPads running the new OS and 41 percent of newer iPads running it. Comparing with iPhones, these numbers a bit. But considering the context that iPadOS was released a little after iOS 13, on September 24th as opposed to September 19th, the numbers are good. iOS 12 had a similar trajectory, which after a month of availability was running on 53% of devices released in the four years before 2018 and on 50% of all devices.

iOS 13 stats were obtained via logins from App Store visits on Oct. 15, 2019. The adoption rate for the OS is excellent, especially considering that the operating system was launched less than a month ago and the numerous bugs that plagued its first versions. Comparing it with Android, stats reveal that Android 9 was under 0.1% several months after release and had reached only 10.4% adoption after nine full months on the market. The operating system is now up to version iOS 13.13 (which saw release on Tuesday) to patch bugs and security holes discovered after launch.

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