Dark Mode is coming to Google Maps after Instagram rolled it out

Dark Mode is getting more traction than before. First, Google introduced it as a system-wide dark theme for all its smartphones across all its apps, app developers have started opting for it with the latest being Instagram which rolled out an update consisting of a dark mode for both iOS and Android apps.

Technically, all the apps and settings must go dark when Dark Mode on Android 10 is enabled on smartphones. Google has already integrated dark themes in many of its apps be it YouTube or Gmail or Calendar and so on, Google Maps remained untouched but not for too long.

Apparently, Google showcased it’s Google Maps going dark in a two-frame animation posted on Instagram which means it is already testing the feature although there are just a few windows and cards that have received the update and the entire app itself.

A dark mode on Google Maps will make it lucrative while giving relief to the battery consumption that it does since it uses your location to provide sound results. The theme will also relieve the strain that displays put on the user’s eye which is what makes the dark mode a lucrative choice.

The feature is currently under testing phase and might not be available for all the users at this moment. It comes along with the much-needed Incognito Mode that just went public after YouTube and other Google apps had it for months if not years.

The Dark Mode was spotted within Digital Wellbeing app as well although partially and not smeared across the app and the same for Google Photos as well as Google image search portal. Apart from Google, Apple rolled out iOS 13 with the dark-mode theme as well that released officially last month on September 20 when iPhone 11 series become available for shipping.

Similarly, Samsung pushed out One UI with a dark mode as well. Note that most of these changes to the dark mode are server-side which means they are depended on OS requirements solely which means even Android Pie and a few other users will get the update as well.

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